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Skin-Friendly Bed Sheet Cover

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Style: Blue
Size: 90x200x30cm

Made from hypoallergenic and breathable fabric, our Skin-Friendly Bed Sheet Cover provides a gentle and comfortable sleeping experience. With its moisture-wicking properties, it helps keep your skin dry and irritation-free. Say goodbye to rough and itchy sheets and hello to a peaceful night's sleep.


Please check your mattress size:

width × length × thickness

90x200x30 cm = 35.43x78.74x11.8 inch = 2.95x6.56x0.98 ft

100x200x30 cm = 39.37x78.74x11.8 inch = 3.28x6.56x0.98 ft

120x200x30 cm = 47.24x78.74x11.8 inch = 3.94x6.56x0.98 ft

140x200x30 cm = 55.12x78.74x11.8 inch = 4.59x6.56x0.98 ft

150x200x30 cm = 59.06x78.74x11.8 inch = 4.92x6.56x0.98 ft

160x200x30 cm=63.00x78.74x11.8 inch=5.25x6.56x0.98 ft

180x200x30 cm = 70.87x78.74x11.8 inch = 5.9x6.56x0.98 ft

180x220x30 cm = 70.86.61x87x11.8 inch = 5.9x7.22x0.98 ft

200x200x30 cm = 78.74x78.74x11.9 inch = 6.56x6.56x0.98ft

200x220x30 cm = 78.74x86.61x11.8 inch = 6.56x7.22x0.98ft

Material: 100% Polyester

Feature: waterproof, Air-Permeable, Anti-Dust Mite, Anti-Pull, Antibacterial

Pattern: Quilted

Technics: Knitted

Waterproof: Yes

Suitable for mattress height: <=30cm

Skin-friendly: Yes

Washable: Yes

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Style: Blue
Size: 90x200x30cm